Our services Emergency support for Brussels-based companies

Emergency support for Brussels-based companies

Has your Brussels-based company had to suspend its business activities due to the measures taken to fight the coronavirus? Are you facing financial difficulties? Are you involved in any legal disputes? Are you preparing to restart your business? Our team of experts will help you manage this crisis and steer you towards the right partners.

A regional team of coaches with diverse expertise has been established to provide Brussels entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19 crisis with a quick and effective response and to help them recover.

The team brings together the combined skills of key regional players, including the Centre pour Entreprises en difficulté (CED) and, coordinator of the regional team.

At a more local level, the Local Economy Offices (GEL) and Job Self-Creation Platforms (ACE) have also joined the team.

finance&, a stakeholder in the collaboration, provides companies with financial solutions.

How can the team help your company during the coronavirus crisis?

These combined skills will allow us to provide you with the quickest response possible and provide effective, targeted and personalised support in the following areas:

Areas of expertise

  • Strategy and finance: review and proposals to adapt cash flow plans and financing solutions, advice on short- and medium-term strategies, business model adaptation, search for private investors
  • updates on assistance programmes: review of the measures offered by the Region during the crisis, information about structural subsidies, advice on building a file
  • law: advice on tax law, corporate law, commercial law and social law
  • mediation: negotiation assistance for active loans and requests for new options from your bank, assistance centre for supply interruptions, conflicts between business partners, with employees, subcontractors, customers or suppliers; assistance with lease negotiations
  • city planning: assistance with city planning and environmental permits, searches for premises, real estate projects
  • international:  advice on pursuing, reorienting and developing your business internationally during the crisis, searches for prospects abroad, assistance to start-ups and scale-ups with obtaining EU financing for research and innovation and searches for international technology partners
  • psychological coaching: assistance with decision-making in stressful situations, listening, support and personal development

Industry expertise

Although no business sector is excluded from the programme, assisted companies will be able to benefit from a large network thanks to’ expertise in the following industries:

  • retail
  • audiovisual
  • hospitality (tourism, events and culture)
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)
  • lifetech
  • the circular economy
  • sustainable construction
  • social entrepreneurship
Manager at

Nicolas De Keghel

Manager at "Au Guidon vert"

When I heard of this new service, I immediately completed the questionnaire. What struck me most was the team’s responsiveness and the professionalism of their assistance. In the days that followed, I was contacted by an accountant and a coach. When you’re a small organisation and under lockdown with young children, this support gives you room to breathe.

What are the requirements to benefit from this service?

This services is for companies:  

  • which conduct business in the Brussels-Capital region
  • whose business is affected by the coronavirus
  • which are specifically looking for support in one of the areas listed above.

Are you interested in this service?

Fill in the form below.

The support will be adapted to each particular case as well as to each identified thematic and can be provided on an individual or collective basis.

Please note that this support does not cover issues related to federal and regional premiums and measures. These questions should be asked directly to 1819 via n°1819 or by e-mail via

In need of an emergency loan?

The Brussels Government has decided to reinforce the economic measures taken for certain sectors or actors particularly affected by the health crisis.

These include the Horeca sector and VSEs/self-employed/social enterprises.

  • Finance& is offering a reduced rate loan to Horeca establishments without requiring a guarantee*.
  • to the self-employed, Very Small Enterprises (micro-companies) and social enterprises, BRUSOC grants cash loans of up to 15,000 euros at a reduced rate*.

*under certain conditions