Our services OpenSoon: subsidy and coaching to launch your retail business

OpenSoon: subsidy and coaching to launch your retail business

Are you looking for financing and tips to launch your retail business? OpenSoon offers coaching and financial support of up to €15,000 to future entrepreneurs who want to open a sustainable, innovative and high-quality retail business in the Brussels-Capital Region!

Why was the OpenSoon subsidy created?

The Brussels-Capital Region is trying to diversify its retail offerings by making it easier to open original, sustainable and inspirational retail businesses. With OpenSoon, new commercial project leaders can count on financial assistance from Brussels Economy and Employment and strategic and operational support from

How can’ OpenSoon team help you?

To apply for OpenSoon financing, you have to advocate for your commercial project by submitting a well put-together file to the OpenSoon Advisory Board. But in order to have the tools to put the file together, you will first need assistance from!

The OpenSoon team will assist you in two phases:

  1. A coaching phase to extract the best out of your project and position it in the market
  2. A consultancy phase to determine and validate the most appropriate location for the exercise of the planned activity

What are the conditions for benefiting from the OpenSoon subsidy?

To benefit from the OpenSoon subsidy, you must have:

  • A plan to open a retail or hospitality business in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • A Business Plan (including a financial plan)
  • A company number valid as of the submission of the subsidy request
  • A clearly identified commercial space
  • An original project which preferably has a sustainable development approach and is financially viable

Good to know:

  • Is your project part of a sustainable approach? You can benefit from a higher subvention (more info on the EEB website- FR/NL)
  • You can only submit one application and one subvention application per business number

5 steps to follow to build your OpenSoon file

  1. Carefully read the rules for the call for projects
  2. Contact to set up a meeting
  3. Meet your coach, polish your project and confirm your location
  4. Submit your application file containing:
    • The completed registration form
    • The attachment “sustainable criteria” to be transmitted completed in Excel format (no PDF), in order to determine the level of your subsidy (5,000 euros; 10,000 euros or 15,000 euros)
    • Your business plan: this document describes the project, its technical, commercial and financial feasibility (a model is proposed by 1819). If the applicant draws up his business plan on another document, the information contained therein must be consistent with that of the model
    • Your financial plan (use of the 1819 model is mandatory)
    • A mood board (8 photos) highlighting your products and atmosphere
    • A copy of your lease agreement (or information about the exact planned location for your business and the requested monthly rent excluding fees). Otherwise, the applicant will send the information relating to the precise location envisaged for its activity and the basic monthly rent excluding charges requested
    • A layout plan or sketch of the location

All these documents are available on the EEB website (FR/NL)

If your application file is selected, you can then submit a subsidy request which includes:

  • The application file
  • The subsidy request form, completed and signed by a person legally authorised to bind the company
  • A copy of the company’s Articles of Association
  • A list of the public aids the company has already received

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The 2019 OpenSoon Appeal is closed!

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