Our services EuroQuity: fundraising and networking platform

EuroQuity: fundraising and networking platform

Are you a company seeking funding? Are you an investor in search of a project to finance? Join the EuroQuity platform and access an international network of potential partners!

Why choose the EuroQuity platform?

EuroQuity is THE networking platform for companies and development partners, in particular investors. Founded in 2008 by Bpifrance, the service has grown through partnerships with European Commission projects as well as major international public and private organisations. was selected to for this partnership role in the Brussels Region.

A true e-reputation booster, EuroQuity boasts a network of more than 20,000 users.

The platform enables companies to:

  • Promote their company with a rich and vibrant profile
  • Build confidence and boost their reputation with the support of their partners
  • Manage their fund-raising with numerous features and a secure dataroom

It enables investors to:

  • Access a deal-flow qualified by the market
  • Find co-investors with one click
  • Promote and develop their investments

Since 2008, 550 million euros have been invested.

How can help you?

EuroQuity is hosted by in the Brussels-Capital Region. Our team helps you create your profile and organises e-pitch sessions to help you find your future investors. Once your company is registered, you can apply to one or more labels and communities. This recognition provides you with greater visibility and helps you promote yourself with other EuroQuity users.

What are the requirements for registering with the platform?

EuroQuity is accessible to all companies and investors who want to create a profile. A business number is required for registration. The platform is completely free.

Steps to follow to participate in the EuroQuity platform

  1. Go to create your company profile and detail your goals (fund-raising, finding companies to invest in, finding commercial partners)
  2. Connect with your network and join the “Entrepreneurship in Brussels” community to receive information about fund-raising and the events we organise
  3. Use the EuroQuity search engine and messaging functions to contact your potential partners

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