Our services Personalised coaching to boost your retail business

Personalised coaching to boost your retail business

Are you opening a retail business soon? Have you recently opened one or are you planning on expanding your business to a second sales outlet? Through personalised assistance,’ coaches follow every step of your commercial project, from idea to realisation, from its first steps until after its creation.

How can our Retail team assist you with your commercial project?

Based on your project and its level of progress, our coaches can:

  1. Help you position your commercial project
  2. Use their expertise to help you identify the neighbourhoods which will best host your business and verify the commercial spaces you are interested in
  3. Provide you with a personalised field visit via our retail tours to enable you to discover the specifics of the neighbourhoods you are considering
  4. Put you in contact with the various economic players of the Region
  5. Put a series of tools at your disposal to promote your business’ opening in the neighbourhood
  6. Support you in the definition and implementation of your communication strategy, visual identity and social media presence
  7. Vous accompagner post-ouverture, notamment dans votre stratégie de développement

What are the conditions for accessing this service?

To take advantage of this service, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have written a Business Plan or a Business Plan draft
  • Plan to open or have opened a brick-and-mortar retail or hospitality business

Don’t have a Business Plan and need assistance? Contact 1819 !

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Our services

OpenSoon offers coaching and financial support of a maximum of 15,000 euros to future entrepreneurs wishing to open an innovative and quality business in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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Do you want to get started in the retail business? Come test your concept for less and with less risk at the Auberge Espagnole Etterbeek and Saint-Gilles, our two retail pop-up store incubators!

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