Blog Infobus and other new initiatives to support Brussels retail
Infobus and other new initiatives to support Brussels retail

Infobus and other new initiatives to support Brussels retail

As of Tuesday, May 25, we bring to the Brussels entrepreneur a brand new 1819 Infobus. This new neighborhood service from is part of RE!BXL for Retail, which is’ Trade Plan that supports Brussels retailers and horeca industry.

From the crisis, we learned that information remains difficult to access for some entrepreneurs, such as finding available support measures. In order to meet the demand for good and accessible information, just launched this new neighborhood service.

Annelore Isaac, Deputy Director-General of, explains:

“With this new initiative, we want to reach all Brussels residents who have an interest in doing business. The 1819 teams provide information tailored to each neighborhood in Brussels. For example, we target retailers who have questions about the available support measures. Or young entrepreneurs looking for guidance or a solid base to start a business project.”

During the next 4 months, from the end of May until the end of September, the 1819 Infobus will travel through the Brussels-Capital Region. Along the way, we want to meet as many retailers and entrepreneurs as possible, to personally answer all their questions.

On summer tour through Brussels: tailor-made services 

On May 25 the Infobus will be at the Albert I square in Anderlecht. On May 27, we will be present on the Verzetsplein (Place of the Resistance) – both days between 10:30am and 4:30pm.

The Infobus is a nice first step towards local, mobile services for entrepreneurs – started in collaboration with the municipalities and other local institutions. 

The Infobus will then continue its journey along various other municipalities in the Brussels Region. The most recent updates on the bus route can be found on the Infobus page.

Business plan to support Brussels retailers and horeca industry

A local offering of the 1819 services is one of the many spearheads of the Region and, since the beginning of the corona crisis.

Barbara Trachte, State Secretary for Economic Transition: 

1819 is an essential service for any entrepreneur or prospective entrepreneur looking for information to turn their entrepreneurial project into a success story. Via the Infobus, we move this indispensable service to the heart of Brussels’ neighborhoods. This makes it easier to publicize the support measures, subsidies and accompanying services available from the Brussels-Capital Region. In this period of crisis, these support measures, combined with greater proximity to the retailer-entrepreneur, are our guiding principles.

For several months now, has been working on the recovery of the hardest hit economic sectors in Brussels: retail & horeca.


The support plan rests on 4 pillars:

  1. Ensuring access to information, for everyone.
  2. Providing emergency support and encouraging greater resilience. 
  3. Launching and supporting new projects and initiatives.
  4. Promoting empowerment and strengthening local neighborhood dynamics.

Ensure access to information, for everyone.

Planned initiatives:

  • The 1819 Infobus will visit several Brussels neighborhoods. More info 
  • Disseminate information in the field about available premiums, guidelines, support services, etc. 
  • Launch of a unique portal site for (future) retail entrepreneurs or tenants of horeca businesses. Objective: gather and offer all relevant information in the Brussels-Capital Region. Visit the website 

Emergency support and encouraging greater resilience

Planned initiatives:

  • Emergency aid: a regional team of aid workers (in different areas of expertise) provide rapid, efficient support to Brussels entrepreneurs affected by the crisis. More info
  • Support measures and loans: information and guidance on applying for support schemes, grants, loans, credit mediation, etc. More info
  • Speed coaching: free 60-minute coaching sessions for horeca and retail entrepreneurs to brush up on their knowledge on a number of crucial topics such as finance, online sales, communication, etc. More info
  • Workshops: online training sessions on Monday mornings: communication, digital marketing, e-commerce, economic transition, crowdfunding…
  • Personalized support: tailor-made support for each entrepreneur, by our experts in different sectors, spread all over the world. More info
  • E-commerce Week: 20 fascinating workshops to get to know e-commerce and web shops in depth, from June 14 to 22. Info and registration

Start-up and support of new projects and initiatives

Planned initiatives:

  • OpenSoon: project call for the launch of new, original and quality entrepreneurial projects, through coaching and financial support up to 15,000 euros. More info
  • Idea incubator: free training program for starting entrepreneurs to streamline and fine-tune their entrepreneurial idea. More info
  • Business incubators: aspiring entrepreneurs receive temporary housing and intensive guidance to test their concept, with limited financial risks. Discover the project call for Kokotte and L’Auberge Espagnole!

Promote empowerment and strengthen local neighborhood dynamics

Planned initiatives:

  • Strengthening of the GELs: coordinates Local Economy Counters, to strengthen neighborhood dynamics and encourage job creation.
  • Local & Together: project call to preserve and strengthen local retail, and stimulate neighborhood dynamics through communal projects. The deadline for projects is quickly approaching. More info
  • Business Networks: information and networking events for retailers, organized in collaboration with the various Brussels municipalities, on the theme of “Starting up again after the crisis”. More information soon!

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