Blog L’Auberge Espagnole is opening a new location in Saint-Gilles
L'Auberge Espagnole is opening a new location in Saint-Gilles

L'Auberge Espagnole is opening a new location in Saint-Gilles

L’Auberge Espagnole now has a sibling. A new incubator for retail candidates will open next march at the Tri Postal, in the Midi district in Saint-Gilles… just a few kilometres from its big sister in the heart of Quartier Jourdan in Etterbeek.

Are you an artisan? Creator? Do you want to take a big step and offer your creations for sale? We’re sending out a call for applications this coming Thursday, 9 January for candidates for a street-side retail unit near the Midi Train Station. Go for it!

Focus on crafts

While the formula is identical to that of the Auberge Espagnole in Etterbeek, with support and coaching before, during and after the time spent in the pop-up store, the Auberge Espagnole in Saint-Gilles will feature different events than its sister location.

The jury will be careful to ensure that candidates provide craft products with a workshop area to enable creation and sales in the same location. The goal is to provide the Midi station district with a new retail offering with a local and Brussels-based identity.

The jury, made up of retail field experts, will review your application in early February 2020. If your application isn’t selected, it may be re-examined as part of the Auberge Espagnole Etterbeek’s 2020 call for candidates.

The Tri Postal, a place for social and cultural experimentation

Since November 2019, the 1,340 m² of the Tri Postal, which had sat vacant for over 20 years by the Midi train station, have been coming back to life thanks to the combined efforts of the Communa non-profit and the Municipality of Saint-Gilles. The goal is to lay out the location around six units which together will provide an answer to the different needs of people in the neighbourhood and the city. Thanks to the Auberge Espagnole, this prestigious location will give priority to creation and originality.

The call for applications for Kokotte, our pop-up store for your hospitality projects, is open too!

Do you have a culinary project in mind? Our Kokotte pop-up will enable you to test your concept, in restaurant mode this time! As with the Auberge Espagnole, you will receive support and coaching during your entire stay at the incubator, which can last two to three months.

Are you interested in an enriching stay at one of our pop-up stores? Send us your file!

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