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How to export to the United Kingdom

How to export to the United Kingdom

With 66 million inhabitants, the United Kingdom is not only the 6th largest economy in the world, but also the 2nd largest in Europe. This market is open, very close by, both geographically and culturally, and constitutes a nest of opportunities for Brussels exporters, since it is the 4th supplier and 5th customer of Belgian companies. But businesspeople must arrive very well prepared to tackle this highly competitive market.

The image of Brussels in the United Kingdom often suffers from the confusion between the city-region and its status as European capital. It might be necessary to subtly remind British partners that Brussels is a city and a region first, just like so many others in the EU, rather than the source of all the problems attributed to the EU by some of the Britons.

To successfully tackle this major and therefore highly competitive market, we invite you to take advantage of the local branch’s services to optimise prospecting, information and support for Brussels companies wishing to promote their exports or encourage British investment on the Brussels market

Is Brexit an obstacle for Brussels businesses?

While the spectre of Brexit inevitably hovers over the future of the British market, the uncertainty it implies should certainly not discourage Brussels companies interested in the opportunities that exist in the United Kingdom. In the worst case, this market will become a non-EU market, like so many others where Brussels exporters have been successful.

Mounif Kilani, Mounif Kilani, London:

The spectre of Brexit should not be allowed to discourage Brussels companies: in the worst case, the British market will become a non-EU market like so many others.

Technologies, environment, fashion and luxury

The most interesting sectors for Brussels exporters:

  • New technologies: ICT, Fin Tech, Med Tech, Insure Tech and Legal Tech
  • Everything related to the environment
  • Fashion
  • Accessories and luxury items

4 tips for entering the UK market

  1. Target your market accurately
  2. Embrace the pitch culture: get to the point without dwelling too much on the background info
  3. Be very well equipped in terms of digital communication
  4. Provide two types of documentation: one light and direct, the other more thorough

Contact in London

Mounif Kilani (BRU)

Attaché économique et commercial | Royaume-Uni (Grande-Bretagne)

+44 207 235 89 49

17 Grosvenor Crescent

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