He thought he would be an actor. However, Julien didn’t find his craft on the boards, but rather in building with boards for the stage. He went backstage to work on increasingly ambitious wooden sets. There was only one drawback: the ephemeral nature of his two-dimensional worlds.

With the circular economy, he launched his own woodworking company, MCB Atelier, and drew up a project with greater scope: MODS. These wooden modules, made from carpentry scraps, fit together to create the unique and reusable foundation of many parallel realities: an office, a showroom, a Christmas tree, etc.

The next step was to make this new concept from elsewhere a reality in Brussels.

MODS & hub.brussels: building a network

After finding a trusted associate in Quentin Mercier, Julien set off to find a network to offer his reusable modules to. A mission for hub.brussels!

Coaching & networking

The  ecobuild.brussels cluster from hub.brussels helped Julien:

  • critique his project to make it viable
  • grow his distribution network
  • establish relationshipswith other players in sustainable development, which led to several partnerships, including with the Architects of DzeroStudio via the BeModule Inside project
  • participate in a number of the cluster’s networking events: conferences, general assemblies, afterworks, work groups, etc.
  • increase MODS’ visibility by publishing a promotional video on its networks

The circlemade.brussels cluster from hub.brussels assisted Julien with:

  • finding funding and developing his financial model
  • improving the visibility of his offering, in particular during the State Visit to Luxembourg, where he was one of the exhibiting companies at the Brussels event organised on the sidelines of the Visit.
MODS founder

Julien De Visscher

MODS founder

hub.brussels is following the evolution of the sector closely, which allows us to anticipate the positions we adopt. 

ecobuild.brussels cluster coordinator

Emmanuel Malfeyt

ecobuild.brussels cluster coordinator

MODS embodies how an idea can become a prosperous and resilient company thanks to a passionate young team. It’s a pure and efficient solution which has come along at just the right time for a market seeking to reinvent itself.

Cement your relationships via our services

hub.brussels has put the entrepreneur in touch with the right interlocutors through its various sectoral clusters.

Module by module, MODS has established itself in the world of sustainable development in Brussels and beyond. The winner of the 2016 be circular regional Call for Projects, MCB Atelier has already set itself apart by its participation in several large projects including Be-Module Inside , together with Entrakt and Dzerostudio Architectes.

In a graceful circular dance, MODS’ modular, eco-designed wooden structures come together to form a bar, a chair, or the podium which Julien will surely climb to collect his next prize. 


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