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The chocolate sector is flourishing in Brussels with 150 companies and 1,350 jobs. We dove into the heart of the bean business to make a contribution to this dynamic sector. What are the highlights, the new trends? How do you open and develop a chocolate factory? What do industry players recommend?  Explore the results of our analysis in our interactive guide.

Open and develop your chocolate factory: an interactive guide

The interactive guide ‘Open and develop your chocolate factory’ is a dynamic user guide full of images, testimonials and precious data which provides a step-by-step method to opening your own chocolate factory.

What will you find in ‘Open and develop your chocolate factory: an interactive guide’?

Part one

  • how to enter the business
  • training in the Brussels-Capital Region

Part two

  • developing a business model
  • identifying customers and their specificities
  • selecting a supply channel

Part three

  • opening your first shop
  • legal entity forms
  • selecting the right premises
  • required authorisations

Part four

  • international opportunities
  • the experience of Brussels chocolatiers abroad
  • the specificities of foreign markets

The authors

Chocolate is a true symbol and the great pride of Belgium and Brussels. Many people are involved in the business and have exceptional know-how. It makes perfect sense to promote the sector with an in-depth analysis and by providing tools to the players of the future.

François Cahour

François has a master’s degree in Press-Information (IHECS). He joined the communication and economic watch unit of Brussels Invest & Export in September 2017. He then moved to the Research team in March 2018. His passion for the Brussels-Capital Region’s economic development led to his participation in the development of this chocolate guide.

Malik Léonard

Malik Léonard has been an attaché with the Research BU since January 2018. He has a baccalaureate degree in law (FUNDP Namur) and a master’s degree in modern history (UCL). He worked eight years at SPRB (Bruxelles Pouvoirs locaux, where he supervised local authority finances), before joining the Watch and Statistics team in January 2018, then the Research team in March 2018. Malik has a passion for analysis, research and writing articles and studies which are both concrete and useful.

 Aurélie Laïos

Aurélie has a bachelor’s and a master’s in Tourism Science and Management from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the Institut de Gestion de l’Environnement et d’Aménagement du Territoire (IGEAT). She has been an attaché with the Development BU of (previously since September 2017. Aurélie was born in Brussels and she works to promote entrepreneurship in our capital with love and determination. She wants to meet the challenge of encouraging and supporting the next generation to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and of promoting young people who are investing in the future.