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Since 1st January 2018, Impulse has merged with Atrium and Bruxelles Invest & Export to become the entity

Created in 2003 by the Brussels-Capital Region’s government, the Brussels Business Support Agency – renamed in 2013 – rapidly became one of the privileged contacts for all beginner or experienced entrepreneurs in the Brussels-Capital Region and fulfilled 3 missions:

  • To be the first point of contact with all those who carry out business in the Brussels Region by giving them quick and easy access to all the information and introducing them to the people they need to help them consolidate their projects in the long term.
  • Provide innovative Brussels companies with a growth ecosystem in which they acquire and share skills, meet partners and benefit from dedicated coaching throughout their growth cycle.
  • Offer entrepreneurs very focused ad hoc support, in a limited but constantly reassessed series of themes, when this support is not available on the market.

KEEP YOUR BUSINESS GOING WITH HUB.BRUSSELS pursues Impulse’s mission by informing you, guiding you and supporting you in a whole series of areas such as business creation, financing, innovation, town planning, the environment, international partnership, etc.

To be on the right tracks in terms of aid, initiatives and support organizations that exist in Brussels, take advantage of the financial, legal and strategic expertise of! remains your first point of contact to start and grow your project in the Brussels region

Have you got an idea germinating? Are you ready to get started? can help you take your first steps in the world of business.

More than an idea, is your business now a reality? can advise you at each stage of your growth or innovation project.

Join communities of entrepreneurs through the clusters

Through its clusters and business networks, wants to create a space for discussion, innovation, research and development between high-potential companies but also to collaboration between companies and research centres, both Belgian and foreign. helps you to develop your activity in a series of promising sectors for Brussels and for the future… Join our sectoral communities and benefit from adapted tools and tailor-made support to grow your network and your prospects.