Blog Innovation: 3 steps to successful internationalisation
Innovation: 3 steps to successful internationalisation

Innovation: 3 steps to successful internationalisation

With Enterprise Europe Brussels (EEN), you can export your innovative products and services internationally during the crisis! Thanks to its international network of experts, take on the challenges of foreign markets and find partners who will support your innovation projects.

If there is one “upside” to the health crisis, it’s time…Although we all, to varying degrees, needed more of it, the lockdown has finally forced more time on everyone.

Entreprise Europe Network Brussels is using this downtime to emphasise the importance of properly preparing for internationalisation, with three steps you can take today.

The 3 habits to adopt to internationalise successfully

  • Use the EEN Match platform for your future partnerships

Are you seeking new customers or business partners in the European Union and/or beyond? Get a head start this year with EEN Match, a new matchmaking tool for companies.

Using key words and your target market, discover the offerings and needs of companies seeking goods/services. If one of them catches your attention, we’ll take care of putting you in contact!

  • Participate in our fully virtual or hybrid matchmaking services

Offered since 2008, our matchmaking services were redesigned in 2020, with new virtual and hybrid formats which adapt to the new reality companies are facing.

These tailored meetings are organised alongside events such as business conventions, trade shows, conferences, etc. Our advisors help you prepare beforehand and continue to guide you as you conclude agreements with potential customers and partners.

  • Measure your innovation potential

Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for personalised feedback on your innovative products and services to increase your competitiveness abroad. Assess your current situation, implement an action plan, etc. Discover the solutions that will set you apart.


Do you have questions about EEN’s services? Contact Barbara!

Barbara Andreani

BENE Project Coordinator / EEB advisor for SMEs & large account / Innovation and Scale-up Advisor

Tel +32 2 422 00 38

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