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How to export to Germany

How to export to Germany

Berlin and Brussels, both capital cities, are just as different as they are similar. But economically, they are much more alike than one might think, being linked by the dynamism, youth and creativity of their economies. And some opportunities in terms of digitisation offer interesting opportunities for Brussels exporters.

Brussels companies will not encounter any major difficulties in establishing business contacts in Berlin, a city where entrepreneurship is very dynamic. Like Brussels, the economy is young, open to the world and full of creativity.

In Germany, French is poorly understood and even less practiced in the business world. If it is possible to get by in English, speaking German is preferable and will benefit Brussels companies that are prospecting the Berlin market.

Start-ups and digitisation

The possibilities for synergies, exchanges and collaboration between Brussels and Berlin companies go far beyond basic trade exchanges, given the similarities, even affinities, between the two markets.

Brussels companies will find opportunities in the digital sector in particular, since Berlin, like all of Germany, is lagging behind in terms of digitisation, which is only waiting to be remedied.

Les entreprises bruxelloises y trouveront des opportunités dans le secteur digital particulièrement, puisque Berlin, comme toute l’Allemagne, accuse un certain retard au niveau de la digitalisation, qui ne demande qu’à être comblé.

It is easy for Brussels companies to do business in Berlin because it is a young and open economy, with a lot of potential, especially for start-ups.

3 tips for exporting to Berlin

  1. Contact the Berlin team for a market study

  2. Go to Berlin: it is easy to make the round trip in one day

  3. Explore the market by meeting with local stakeholders

A team on site to support you

Our Berlin team offers various on-site support services:

  • Search for potential opportunities
  • Market power analysis
  • Overview of competitors in Berlin
  • Exchange platforms with local companies

Contact our expert in Berlin

Nikola Winzler (BRU)

Attachée économique et commerciale | Allemagne (Berlin)

+ 49 30 20 65 86 406

Jaegerstrasse 52-53
D-10117 Berlin

Need more advice?

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