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Export talks: 25 free webinars to realize your export project

Export talks: 25 free webinars to realize your export project

In anticipation of the upcoming economic recovery, our export assistance service has put together a series of twenty-five webinars, which will take place from 19 November to 17 June 2021. Our goal? To turn you into a seasoned exporter by July 2021!

Our Area Managers have explored the needs of exporting companies in Brussels.

How can we assist you during this period? How can we support you so that after the lockdown, you are even stronger and better prepared to pursue your conquest of new markets?

This temporary slowdown of global economic activities is the perfect moment to take the time to prepare yourself.

Your export-project up & running, in 50 hours

How do you select target markets? How do you optimise your use of digital marketing for international commercial development? How do you successfully prospect internationally?…

Geared towards companies getting started with exporting as well as proven exporters, the topics were built around very specific issues you will undoubtedly encounter.

Specialists will share their experiences and advice on specific topics with you once a week (every Thursday), from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (except on school holidays).

Replay of our first sessions

Export Talks #1 make sure your company is ready for foreign market

After an in-depth review of the differences between intra and extra-European export, and of the regulatory specifics of exporting goods vs services, Vincent Repay explains why the principle of free movement of services in the EU is not universally applicable. He also goes over the different stages of the export process from a logistics point of view. There is also a focus on your financial needs.

Language: english

Export Talks #2 How to select your markets?

In addition to answering these key questions, Vincent Repay presents essential digital tools for performing market studies (Google Market, Finder, etc.) and to better capture foreign markets (via Credendo, MADB, etc.).

And lastly, he gives you the tools you need to identify how relevant new markets are, based on an analysis of the risks each of them inherently carries (political risks, risks related to payment, etc.).

Language: english

Export Talks #3: what are the distribution channels for your exports?

What kind of market coverage are you aiming for? What are the characteristics of your product or service? How many orders do you expect to send? In addition, does the nature of your product or service require your presence in the market, and in what form: direct or indirect? Answers to all of these questions in this replay.

Language: english

Export Talks #4: are your products and services ready for sale?

Packaging, product composition, the customs duties applicable to the products, the habits and cultural profiles of the foreign consumers, etc.: in this replay, we list all of the elements which may need to be adapted and explore concrete examples of how to do so. To export your services, you have to be in a position that ensures that don’t have to meet legal and tax requirements which are incompatible with them. Our expert differentiates between intellectual and other services and describe the precautions required when they are exported.

The benefits of having an intermediary in the foreign market are also covered. 

Language: english

Export Talks #5: set your sales prices abroad

Will providing my service abroad require an advertising campaign? How extensive? Will I need the help of experts to establish files with financial institutions? Will I need to hire staff on-site? Identify your potential costs based on the answers to these questions in this webinar!

  • Language: english

Can’t attend the first webinars?

Don’t panic, each of our webinars will be recorded and made available on our website so that you won’t miss any of our valuable advice! Subscribe to our international newsletter and don’t miss any information about their availability.

Want to learn more about the "Export Talks"? Contact Thomas or Florence!

Thomas Dupan

Area Manager Centraal-Europa

T. +32 2 800 40 09

Florence Lansmanne

Assistent Amerika

T. + 32 2 800 40 07


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