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Success Story 11.10.2018

Green energy for sale

Imagine a sustainable energy system, providing access to energy and transport for all, while respecting the environment and natural resources… A Utopia for some, a pipe dream for others, but for over 10 years, Patrick Melo has been making it a reality with Hinicio.

Brussels-based strategic consultancy firm Hinicio specialises in sustainable energy and transport and supports entrepreneurs, industrial groups, NGOs and public authorities to implement their renewable energy projects and strategies.

In 2007, Hinicio developed a competence centre in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells. China has made this a priority, as it represents the future of energy and transport. After opening offices in Paris, Bogota and Buenos Aires, why not embark on an adventure in Shanghai?

Winning over sustainable transport in Asia

In 2017, Wouter Vanhoudt, director of Hinicio for Europe, Middle East and Africa made a prospecting trip to China, in order to establish initial contact with local businesses.

The Brussels-based company then sought the assistance of; our economic and trade attaché in Shanghai, Matthias Debroyer, is working to consolidate the links between Hinicio and the latter, before giving it visibility in the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

A local company, soon to expand

Hinicio’s principal target for the next three years? “To advise and support our clients in Europe, particularly in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells, to leverage their technology in the Chinese market”.

Due to the complex nature of the market, Hinicio is taking things one step at a time, initially focusing on market research for their potential clients, after which they hope to found a local entity.

But the intrepid Brussels-based company plans to go further, the ultimate goal being to expand Hinicio throughout Asia.


The team in China introduced me to the appropriate Belgian networks and also provided access to relevant Chinese companies in my sector. We benefitted from the wide range of services offered by, particularly in terms of translating our brochure.

Wouter Vanhoudt Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Hinicio

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