STIB ticket machines recycled into key racks, masks for the hearing-impaired, tarpaulins recycled into trendy bags, etc. The products are unique, like the artisans who make them. They are carefully assembled, sewn, nailed, packaged and sold on by people with disabilities who work at sheltered workplaces.

Behind this project lies an ambition and boldness truly unique to Brussels:  moving from handling to production and from B2B to B2C to create a sales channel 100% powered by sheltered workplaces which can provide a local and sustainable alternative to e-commerce giants. and social entrepreneurship

Committed to the development of social entrepreneurship in Brussels, is a stakeholder in several regional initiatives, including the BISSIB network, which connects entrepreneurs, researchers, non-profits and public authorities interested in pursuing social innovation in Brussels.

Support and networking 

Through BISSIB,

  • has helped shape the project by putting Handymade in contact with numerous social entrepreneurship players in Brussels

As part of the FEDER DEV’Up project, the initiator of the Handymade initiative,

  • has endorsed the financing of the project and advises its leaders on funding opportunities
  • participated in the strategic planning of the initiative’s launch
  • identified opportunities for Handymade to test its products directly with customers (e.g.: concurrently selling in a pop-store)
Directeur de l'asbl Handymade

Michael Lans

Directeur de l'asbl Handymade

Our contacts at were key for this kind of innovation, both in terms of networking as well as the technical expertise provided. Furthermore, we know that we can count on the BISSIB network, which is dedicated to social innovation and led by, among others, to provide us with maximum visibility.

Give your company an (even greater) social dimension with

A dozen sheltered workplace companies, from all three regions of the country, are already selling their products on  With the current importance of e-commerce and social distancing, Handymade meets both the desire for local products and the interest in added social value.

A welcome alliance between the economy and society, between the virtual and the real, and between reason…and the heart.


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