Ruben Goots and Jason Felstead, managing partners at Hamlet, set out to create a showcase for talent in the audiovisual sector. It was to be a platform where directors, producers, actors and screenwriters get a chance to amaze the world with their incredible stories. The ambitious duo not only achieved their goal, but did it in less than ten years! Hamlet’s productions are now appreciated worldwide. An absolute highlight was the Nike commercial, which clocked up over 170 million views at the 2018 World Cup!

Today, Hamlet is regarded as a world-renowned production house. Thanks to its focus on originality and quality, the company has already received 30+ international awards.

Exciting new episode in China

During the start-up phase, Hamlet could count on the support and advice of, the audiovisual cluster of This cooperation was extended when the company also started filming and producing outside Europe, in cooperation with our international network.

Hamlet explored China together with, following their princely mission in November 2019. That trip provided a solid basis for Hamlet’s China adventure.

Some nice results of the company’s mission, together with

  • Rapidly building contacts with Belgian and local companies active in the Chinese market.
  • An introduction to the Belgian Chamber of Commerce (BelCham) and EU SME Understanding China – good for a lot of exposure for the young Belgian company.
  • Accompanying the entrepreneurial duo abroad, at the opening of their Shanghai office.
Executive Producer/Managing Partner à Hamlet

Ruben Goots

Executive Producer/Managing Partner à Hamlet

"From a business perspective, China is a country with a lot of uncertain factors. That’s why' on-location support is very valuable for us.’ contact point in Shanghai allows us to better understand this complex market."

The balance, one year later

The opening of a branch office in China has further strengthened Hamlet’s international ambitions. Soon, the production house will open a new base in Paris. In France, as well, the company can count on the necessary support from our local colleague there.

The numerous highlights contribute to Hamlet’s international success story, despite the past setbacks during the corona crisis. This is certainly a promising sign for an even brighter future. To be continued!

Do you plan to conquer foreign countries with your company, just like Ruben and Jason? If so, then call on the support and guidance of’ international network!

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