After positioning his microphones on film sets for ten years, François Fripiat felt that he was ready to set off on a more ambitious project: to provide a sound identity to the virtual world

This parallel universe was highly developed from a visual and graphics standpoint but it was still lacking a sound dimension. 

Innovation and investment: in stereo’ first role was as a sounding board. Its teams guided the engineer toward two key institutions in the field.


  • Start Invest assisted François with the convertible loan
  • Innoviris supported François via its HAPE project, which provides funding for experimental projects, in collaboration with the IRISIB the research institute

Coaching et networking has helped Demute to position itself as a reference sound studio in the immersive field at an international level.

  • supported François in the realization of his business model, his technological positioning, his development strategy in Brussels and internationally
  • advised the sound engineer on the legal aspects of his project
  • monitored the studio in the context of the mybusinesspass program
  • practiced the Doppler effect by taking François on a royal mission to Korea as well as on various international trade shows: Atelier Grand Nord, Gamescom, Cannes… These events led to very promising business relationships.
Founder of Demute

François Fripiat

Founder of Demute’ collaboration was essential then and still is today. In a rapidly changing industry, it’s essential to be able to consult with your peers in a cluster, as well as to help you grow and figure out when and how trends will change!

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The move from recording to producing a complete sound universe was the crazy challenge of a 30-year-old sound engineer. Demute was successful. The shock wave travelled well beyond Brussels and generated interest among the planet’s biggest techno-freaks!

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