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The MedTech Accelerator®: the medical technology accelerator

Do you work in the medical technology sector? The MedTech Accelerator® enables you to develop your project or startup in less than four months, through individual and collective coaching sessions provided by experts in the field.

What is the MedTech Accelerator®?

The MedTech Accelerator® is a Brussels-based initiative developed in 2016 by’ cluster. It aims to stimulate medical entrepreneurship in Brussels.

Why create an accelerator for medical projects?

With the MedTech Accelerator®, aims to accelerate the innovation potential of Medtech in Brussels by capitalising on the expertise, infrastructure and ecosystems available in the nation.

Whether your innovative idea in healthcare consists of software, equipment, a service or a combination of these elements, our 4-month programme will take on the priority challenges of the MedTech sector.

The top experts in the field will guide you through key topics such as business modelling, prototyping, regulatory requirements, clinical trials, financing and intellectual property.

How can the team help you?

Through the accelerator, our lifetech team can offer you:

  • meetings with experts
  • practical workshops on the commercial aspects of the medical device sector
  • access to the Belgian MedTech ecosystem
  • training in the art of the pitch to sell your project
  • personalised support to face your challenges and reach your objectives in time

What are the requirements to benefit from this service?

This service is geared towards any enthusiastic entrepreneur who wants to take their MedTech project or startup to the next level with the help of mentors and devoted experts. You must meet the following requirements to join the accelerator:

  • your startup or project is or will be established in Brussels
  • your startup is currently ready to be created or will be in under 3 years
  • your solution is a medical device or could become a medical device in accordance with EU regulation 2017/745
  • you have a first proof of concept from a laboratory
  • your market hypotheses have been verified with your potential clients/partners

Important information

  • the selection committee will only review projects/startups which meet the eligibility criteria
  • participation certificates will be delivered to projects/startups which have participated in at least 80% of the programme and in both pitch presentation events
  • a prize will be awarded during the closing ceremony to the project/startup which has progressed the furthest during the acceleration programme
  • The programme runs for 4 months, or 14 full days

Do you have any questions about the MedTech Accelerator®?

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Our MedTech Accelerator® allows you to develop your project or start-up in less than four months, through collective and individual coaching sessions delivered by experts in the field and integration into the Belgian MedTech ecosystem.

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