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Rebootcamp: hackathon for circular industrial projects

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Do you want to start up a profitable industrial project? Attend’ rebootcamp from 2 to 4 October 2020! During the hackathon, based on 10 key aspects of the circular economy, our team will help you define your idea and prepare a solid pitch to implement it via the circular project accelerator.

Why hold a rebootcamp?

It’s great to have an idea, but you have to be able to translate it into a viable…and useful project! The Brussels-Capital Region’s industrial sector is fertile ground for meaningful circular economy projects for people who know which concepts to develop. Our sustainable economy experts have defined a list of 10 potential circular industrial projects in collaboration with Factor-X:

  1. Natural paints
  2. Recycled insulation manufacturing
  3. Urban tiny houses
  4. Short-circuit tyre retreading
  5. Circular soles
  6. Sustainable construction materials for shell work
  7. Hair reuse
  8. Bicycle factory 
  9. Functional economy appliances
  10. Textile reprocessing

Who is this rebootcamp for?

The rebootcamp is intended for two types of aspiring entrepreneurs in the Brussels-Capital Region:

  • Entrepreneurs with a technical background in the 10 fields selected (architects, painters, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurs who want to use their soft skills and develop their entrepreneurial skills

How can the rebootcamp help you develop your concept?

You will receive the following when you attend the free rebootcamp:

  • Personalised support from’ sustainable economy advisors
  • Coaching to define and prepare your pitch (business plan, business model canvas, etc.) in collaboration with Impact Valley
  • Access to Transforma, the reception, hosting, support, coaching and incubator structure in Brussels
  • Access to Cityfab 2, Transforma’s fablab
  • Access to a module-office in the Transforma incubator’s co-working space

What are the prerequisites for attending the rebootcamp?

In order to attend the rebootcamp, candidates must:

  • Be inspired by one of the 10 project topics and intend to develop it after the rebootcamp
  • Develop their concept in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • Commit to attending the entire rebootcamp
  • Commit to developing their idea after the rebootcamp

Note: Only 50 candidates will be able to attend the rebootcamp (i.e. five per topic). Of the 10 projects, only one will be guaranteed direct access to greenlab to implement their idea without having to submit an application and present to the selection panel.

Important information

As places are limited, reserves the right to charge a “no-show fee” of €100 to participants. The amount will be refunded in full if you attend the full-weekend training session. 

The set €100 fee is solely intended to ensure the attendance of the selected applicants. 

What are the benefits of attending the rebootcamp?

At the end of the weekend, the leaders of the winning project will be granted immediate access to greenlab, without having to submit an application. The other candidates will have to submit their application the normal way and present to a selection panel on 28 November 2020. They will nevertheless be offered a personalized follow-up by hub to help them submit their application or to start a personalized individual coaching.

Would you like to attend the rebootcamp? Let us know if you’re interested before 21 September 2020!

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