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Maintenez la relation clients en ligne en 60 minutes

Maintain customer relationship in 60 minutes

You’re at the head of a business or an horeca ? You would like to maintain the link with your customers online? You are wondering how to communicate and how often? Our communication coaches will give you all the tips and tricks you need! 

With the ups and downs of the health crisis, an online presence is essential for your sector. Note that traffic is a constant work: you will have to get back on the road and remind yourself to your customers. How?  The answer in 60 minutes

Strengthen your bonds with your customers in just 60 minutes

By the end of the hour-long coaching session, you’ll be able to:

  • Prepare a recovery plan based on the right channels
  • Find ways to encourage your customers come to your shop

Digital communication specialists

Business, marketing and communication specialist

Greg Malcause

Business, marketing and communication specialist

Greg Malcause provides audit and business, marketing and communication services.

He shares his time between launching his own entrepreneurial projects (notably in hospitality) and coaching other project leaders.

His approach targets both players who are just getting started and those who already have a business and want to give it a boost.

Communication specialist

Jessica Nielsen

Communication specialist

Jessica Nielsen is a press communication specialist at All Colors of Communication and has been working in the field of communication for almost 7 years. Her hobby? Juggling words and telling stories. Her goal? To teach her clients how to harness the power of press relations!

Creative strategist

Gauthier De Jonghe

Creative strategist

Co-founder of the Plan B communication agency and with 20 years of brand strategy and advertising experience, Gauthier De Jonghe will help you analyse your targets, the category codes and your message and assist you with concept creation, media strategy and deployment.

What are the requirements to benefit from this service?

In order to prepare for the meeting, if you can:

  1. List all of the ideas you’ve already thought about or implemented
  2. Think about theprofile of your customers

Emergency support

Do you have other, more urgent, needs than this? A regional team with diverse expertise has been established to provide Brussels entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19 crisis with a quick and effective response and to help them recover. Loan mediation, financial and legal advice and psychological coaching… Get help from our specialists!

About speed coaching

Given the measures announced for retail outlets and hospitality establishments in Brussels, has set up a series of coaching sessions to quickly meet the needs of these two sectors, explore options and expand horizons.

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