Do you need financial or legal expertise? Our team of experts will support and advise you to ensure that your company can grow under the best possible conditions.

From business plan to the search for financing or subsidies to company and tax law to company credit mediation, our experts can provide their expertise to help ensure optimal development of your company with peace of mind.

How can the team help you?

Working with you, our team can:

  • Test your company strategy, help you structure your financial plan and help you complete your financing round.
  • Assist you with Euroquity, the contact platform for your financial partners
  • Identify subsidy opportunities and advise you on how to prepare your application files
  • Provide legal advice on tax, company and commercial law
  • Help to re-establish communication with your credit provider via credit mediation techniques

What are the conditions for benefiting from this support?

To benefit from support from our group, your project must:

  • Be a business located in Brussels
  • Have a significant employment, appeal or image impact on the Region

Need our bright lights?
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