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Environment permit: business consulting

Could your activities potentially impact the environment or health and safety? If so, you will need to apply for a permit in order to comply with various environmental regulations. We will guide you through the process and of obtaining your permit.

What is an environment permit?

An environment permit is an administrative authorisation which obliges an independent person, private individual, trader, family or industrial business to apply certain measures in order to ensure the safety of their neighbours or people accessing the building, to limit any potential disturbance caused by these buildings and to preserve the quality of the environment.

This may involve, for example, ensuring a certain level of noise or the maximum concentration of a certain product in the air are not exceeded.

Installations subject to environmental permits, referred to as classified installations, are divided into six classes depending on their nature and the extent of the danger they may cause.

As a general rule, you only submit one environment permit application (class 1A, 1B, 1D or 2, or one statement (1C or 3) with the most dangerous installation determining the class. To determine the classified installations linked to your line of business, you can use the easyPermit tool.

How can help you fulfil your environmental obligations?

Our team provides personalised, free, confidential support to businesses in Brussels, for all issues relating to the environment in the Brussels-Capital region: soil, waste, water and energy management, or even emissions. We will:

  • check whether your request requires a prior soil condition assessment or an energy audit
  • find out whether you are using the right waste disposal channels
  • work with you to determine whether you have classified installations
  • tell you of the type of permit you need to obtain
  • support you in preparing a comprehensive application with all the required accompanying documents
  • clarify, where necessary, the opinions and decisions of administrative authorities, for example, after an inspection

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What are the conditions for benefiting from this support?

The expert advice provided is restricted to those who are planning to or already have a company in Brussels, not related to accommodation.

We do not provide support for class 3 environmental statements (issued by the communes) and class 1C ones (issued by Brussels Environment).

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