Our services, the sustainable construction and renovation cluster, le cluster en construction et rénovation durables, the sustainable construction and renovation cluster

Do you work in the construction and renovation sector in Brussels? Do you want to build or have something built differently and more sustainably? Use materials and processes which are respectful of the environment? With partners who share the same values? Discover our cluster, the network for sustainable construction and renovation professionals in the Brussels-Capital Region!

Why choose a sustainable construction and renovation cluster?

The cluster was launched in November 2006 by the Brussels-Capital Region to reach the following objectives:

  • make Brussels a low-carbon city by 2050
  • build 100% passive buildings as legally required since 2015 in the Brussels-Capital Region

With more than 200 members and 30 partners, brings the entire sustainable construction and renovation value chain together to enable synergies and the implementation of ambitious projects.

The cluster set itself four major objectives:

  1. networking: bring the players of the construction sector together to promote collaborations and catalyse new public and private opportunities
  2. promote: showcase members and the sector to promote them and guide them towards the cluster’s partners to help them succeed, fulfil their needs and face difficulties
  3. inspire: stay up to date with innovative practices and share them with the players to inspire them to create new sustainable business models
  4. guide: relay companies’ requests to the appropriate players and support their development

How can support your projects?

The four objectives set by are implemented by providing support, which can be either individual or collective depending on the needs.


The team provides you with individual support for:

  • analysing your financial and business plans
  • your competitive positioning
  • finding regional subsidies available for your project
  • your planning permit and environmental permit
  • your innovation projects (products, equipment, etc.)


What are the benefits of joining the cluster?

By joining the cluster, you will be offered, free-of-charge:

  • a place for networking and exchanges with peers
  • individual and collective coaching provided by experts from the sector
  • access to a number of promising events in the sector
  • promotion and visibility for your company and projects: regularly features its members and their projects on its networks. It’s the opportunity to discover in more detail the sustainable construction expertise available in Brussels
  • continuous monitoring: constantly searching for innovation, keeps its members informed of news and technical and technological advances in the sector
  • a network of international partners to collaborate on your projects
  • a team to support you


What are the requirements for joining the ecobuild cluster?

We provide assistance to all sustainable construction companies located in Brussels which belong tor one of the following categories:

  • architects
  • design studios
  • suppliers
  • managers and owners
  • project managers
  • support organisations

We are especially focused on small companies, which make up nearly 95% of the economic fabric of the construction sector.


What are the steps to join?

The process for joining the cluster is very simple and involves three steps:

  1. Submit your candidacy

A company which adheres to the “sustainable” values of the cluster can choose to become an member. To do so, you must fill out the online candidacy file.

  1. Meet the cluster’s team

After the file is received, a member of the team will contact you to hold an interview before your candidacy is presented to the cluster’s board.

  1. Be presented to the Board of Directors

Your candidacy is presented to ecobuild’s Board of Directors, which may turn down or accept your candidacy. You will be notified of the decision in the days following the Board of Directors’ session.


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