Our services Determine your fixed costs in 60 minutes
Évaluez vos coûts fixes en 60 minutes

Determine your fixed costs in 60 minutes

Are you the manager or owner of a retail business or hospitality establishment? Are you finding it difficult to calculate your fixed costs and is it impacting your margin?  Attend the “Determine your fixed costs” coaching session and track your organisation’s superfluous expenses.

Fixed costs are those expenses which must be paid every month and can amount to substantial sums. Given that your revenue is based on your sales and that they are for the most part linked to your variable costs, i.e. your raw materials purchases, it’s easy to understand why you can’t let your margin be eaten away by unsuitable fixed costs. How can you recalculate them? The answer in 60 minutes.

Calculate your business’ fixed costs in just 60 minutes!

We will achieve the following together in an hour:

  • a mini-auditof your business and of its financial coherence (fixed costs, financial expenses, contracts in progress, wage bill, etc.)
  • identify what can be improved and what must change
  • Make the adjustments necessary for better performance and/or greater consistency with the market

Coaches specialised in financial questions

Specialist in financial and managerial performance

Fabien Darbon

Specialist in financial and managerial performance

After 15 years working in restaurants of various sizes, both locally and internationally, Fabien Darbon created his own consulting firm specialised in restaurants in Brussels. He meets the needs of sector players via a series of topics ranging from concept development to financial performance.

Hospitality consultant

Gino Vermeulen

Hospitality consultant

Gino Vermeulen is the fourth generation of a family of restaurant-hotel owners. He managed five hospitality establishments for 20 years and has advised over 300 restaurants and cafés. He has 30 years of experience in the field and advises and guides hospitality sector entrepreneurs to help them improve their results.

What are the requirements to benefit from this service?

To ensure that our meeting is as effective as possible, it’s important that you collect some information:

  • your summary operating account containing the main ratios: turnover/wage bill/total charges
  • a breakdown of your turnover by month
  • these data for N and N-1to have a “normal” reference year
  • detailed fixed expenses and the amounts per month/or per year

Emergency support

Do you have other, more urgent, needs than this? A regional team with diverse expertise has been established to provide Brussels entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19 crisis with a quick and effective response and to help them recover. Loan mediation, financial and legal advice and psychological coaching… Get help from our specialists!

About speed coachings

Given the measures announced for retail outlets and hospitality establishments in Brussels, has set up a series of speed coaching sessions to quickly meet the needs of these two sectors, explore options and expand horizons.

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