Boost the development of your medical devices

Do you have an innovative project or start-up that could revolutionise the MedTech sector? Get to the next step in six months by joining our medical devices accelerator!

Through the MedTech Accelerator®, managed by its cluster, offers an accelerator programme specifically designed for entrepreneurs developing medical devices, whether connected or not.

This program consists of 16 days of training, visits and meetings spread over 5 months. It will be given online and in person as soon as the health situation allows it.

Ready to give your MedTech project a boost?

We’ll assist you and your project! Sign up for the MedTech Accelerator® before March 15, 2022!


A leap forward for your medical device

MedTech Accelerator® = a unique opportunity to develop your MedTech project for five months in our accelerator!

  • Hands-on marketing workshops
  • Discussions and question and answer sessions with industry experts
  • Personalised coaching to help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals on schedule
  • Access to the Belgian MedTech ecosystem and networking
  • Visibility for your project in Belgium and abroad
MedTech Accelerator® 2020

The Lifeline team

MedTech Accelerator® 2020

Joining the MedTech program was for us a fantastic opportunity to be part of the healthcare startup community. During our journey, we had the chance to meet and be challenged by key players in the healthcare industry. 3 words can resume our experience with : Expertise, Network and Coaching.

Startup and business coach MedTech Accelerator®

Jean-Michel Scheuren

Startup and business coach MedTech Accelerator®

Supporting and coaching promising entrepreneurs in their journey of turning their amazing ideas into actual businesses is one of the most rewarding and exciting experience. 

Winner MedTech Accelerator® 2020

Victor Grosu (Smarcos)

Winner MedTech Accelerator® 2020

The MedTech Accelerator helped us review and improve our business from different perspectives while being assisted by real experts in the field. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, it gave us the expected boost towards our goals.



According to EU regulation 2017/745, a medical device is any instrument, apparatus, software, equipment or reactive implant used in humans alone or in combination, for the diagnosis, control, treatment, mitigation, prevention, cleaning, communication of information of diseases. Medical technologies range from disposable products, capital goods and innovations in surgical procedures to implant technology, biomaterials and connected health information systems.

how much does the MedTech Accelerator® cost?

A single registration fee of €1,500 per project/start-up is required from participants, regardless of the number of people involved in the project or start-up. An additional deposit of €500 per project/start-up must also be provided to ensure that participants attend the coaching sessions.

The deposit will be returned at the end of the programme as long as the lead person of the project or start-up attends at least 80% of the sessions, including the 2 pitch sessions (June 24th & October 28th).

For whom?

All enthusiastic entrepreneurs, researchers or health professionals established in Brussels who want to boost the development of their medical device thanks to help from sector mentors and experts.

Only projects/start-ups which meet the eligibility criteria will be considered by the selection committee in April. Participation certificates will be issued to the projects/start-ups that were present for at least 80% of the programme and attended the two pitch sessions.

During this final closing ceremony, two prizes will be awarded: an independent jury will select the most promising project and the public will also have the opportunity to vote for its favourite project.

What are the conditions for joining the Accelerator?

Do you speak or understand English well? Is your solution a medical device or will it become one as defined by European regulation 2017/745? Do you have a first proof of concept from laboratory tests (TRL≥3)? Do you have validated your market hypotheses with your customers and potential partners (CRL≥3)? Are you about to create your start-up, or is your company less than three years old and based in Brussels? Welcome to the MedTech Accelerator®!

How do I apply?

It’s easy: register by clicking on one of the sign-up buttons on the right or at the bottom right of this page

And then?

After six months of intensive coaching in the accelerator, you’ll be ready to develop your own MedTech project! 

What more do you want?

You want to develop an innovative Medtech project in Brussels? The MedTech Accelerator© is the solution to get you started!

The MedTech Accelerator® is a Brussels initiative developed in 2016 by’ cluster and supported by the ERDF.

With the MedTech Accelerator®, intends to accelerate the potential of HealthTech innovation present in Brussels by capitalizing on the expertise, infrastructures and ecosystems available on the national territory.