An interactive map to reference your business

To improve the online visibility of Brussels retailers and provide people with a clear picture of the current retail offering, has created an online interactive map based on its data which indexes accessible shops and/or those offering alternatives to in-shop purchases (online sales, delivery, purchase vouchers, etc.).

An interactive map to reference your business

How does it work?

Once updated, this map will be available on the regional website which intends to promote local merchants in these complicated times. The will thus be able to directly access up-to-date information about your business and possibly place an order or visit you.

How to update your data?

With this map and its search engine, you can find your establishment and directly access any data related to it. Have you changed your opening hours due to the lockdown? Are you offering a delivery or take-away service? Let us know via the questionnaire accessible from your business card!

This information will be visible on the map within 24 hours and will help your customers to be well informed about your business and any other #local businesses they wish to visit and support.

Your business isn’t listed on the map?

Please contact at the following email address: You can provide the following information at that address: shop name, address and primary business of the establishment (e.g. bakery, women’s clothing, etc.). Your shop will be added to the map within 24 hours. You can add other information at any time.

You don’t want your business to be visible on the map?

Please let us know by email at and we will proceed to its withdrawal.