Launch your sustainable start-up in Brussels

Do you have a green economic project for Brussels?

With our acceleration program for sustainable start-ups, get it off the ground for free in only 6 months! We give you access to personalized coaching, thematic workshops, expert consultancy and, of course, a green kick-start.

You plant the seed of your idea and we give you the fertilizer to make it grow!

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ABOUT Greenlab

The germs of your own success

greenlab = an accelerator programme to give you in 6 months all the tools you need to launch your own sustainable start-up and allow you to..:

  • limit the risks by testing your project in real life
  • present a professional and convincing business plan to investors
  • acquire sustainable entrepreneurial skills
  • integrate a unique network of entrepreneurs and coaches in the environmental and circular sectors

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The greenlab acceleration program is open to anyone wishing to create a start-up in Brussels in the fields of the environment and the circular economy. The schedules of the different workshops have been arranged in such a way that they can be combined with a full-time job. The greenlab will take place every wednesday evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, excluding school vacations, from January 6 to June 10, 2021.

What's in it for me?

At the end of 6 months of coaching, the candidates are invited to come and pitch their project in front of a large audience during the grand finale of the greenlab. The result is three prestigious prizes: the prize, the Triodos prize (2.500 €) and the public prize.

How do I apply?

Easy. Fill out the form at the top of this page and we will contact you shortly! Application are closed. 

Am I alone in this adventure?

Of course not! The 15 selected teams are supported each week in the creation of their future sustainable start-up. The cycle includes group workshops, work sessions, personalized coaching and access to a panel of thematic experts.

And then?

After 6 months of coaching, you will be able to launch your own sustainable start-up. will be there to help you fertilize your project.

What are the conditions for joining Kokotte?

Is your project rooted in Brussels? It is innovative and has a positive environmental impact? Are you committed to follow the program diligently and conscientiously? Welcome to greenlab!

Ludovic van Laethem &Amélie Mertens | greenlab winners 2017

Box Bunny

Ludovic van Laethem &Amélie Mertens | greenlab winners 2017

greenlab is designed to transform ideas and concepts into real businesses. The quality of the speakers, workshops and exchanges with specialists, the entrepreneur and circular economy network...: all of it enabled us to structure the various aspects of our project launch.

Project Coordinator,

Virginie Smans

Project Coordinator,

In addition to quickly testing and validating their idea, greenlab allows entrepreneurs to flourish in their new role and create strong bonds between participants.

Nahla El Mernissi & Imad Moukkat | greenlab winners 2018


Nahla El Mernissi & Imad Moukkat | greenlab winners 2018

The accelerator programme was a real springboard for our team! The fact that we won in 2018 provided us with credibility in the circular economy, in addition to receiving incredible media attention. It’s a unique programme that helped us grow a great deal and progress.

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Do you want to launch your own sustainable start-up and encourage the development of low-carbon production models, a circular and regenerative economy, social and democratic entrepreneurship? Fill in the fields and receive all the information you need to submit your application!