Agenda Export Talks #4: are your products and services ready for sale?
Export Talks #4: are your products and services ready for sale?

Export Talks #4: are your products and services ready for sale?

You are about to launch your first exports in new markets. Congratulations! However, have you anticipated the last-minute changes which may be needed for transport or due to standards in effect in the destination country? Join Vincent Repay on 10 December, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, and review the various elements to take into account when launching your exports of goods or services.

Although your product or service is already being sold in Belgium, it’s essential that you be able to adapt it if you are planning to export it.

Packaging, product composition, the customs duties applicable to the products, the habits and cultural profiles of the foreign consumers, etc.: together, we will list all of the elements which may need to be adapted and explore concrete examples of how to do so.

Be sure of your ability to adapt at every level!

To export your services, you will have to be in a position that ensures that don’t have to meet legal and tax requirements which are incompatible with them. Our expert will differentiate between intellectual and other services and describe the precautions required when they are exported.

The benefits of having an intermediary in the foreign market will also be covered. 

You didn’t participate in our previous “Export Talks”? No problem: that won’t prevent you from attending the fourth webinar. Eventually, all of our webinars will be available via replay.

Questions? Contact Florence or Thomas!

Florence Lansmanne

Assistant Americas

T. + 32 2 800 40 07

Thomas Dupan

Area Manager Central Europe

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