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Contact day: the English market

Contact day: the English market

Welcome to contact days

Every year, our economic and commercial experts come back to Brussels to meet with Brussels companies.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to benefit from personalized support for your export projects, and to receive concrete and targeted information on the markets you are interested in.

During this meeting dedicated to the English market you will be welcomed by:

Mounif Kilani (BRU)

Economic and commercial attaché | United Kingdom (Great-Britain)

+44 207 235 89 49

17 Grosvenor Crescent

The world at hand with

The Export Agenda 2019 announces a wide range of actions to explore foreign markets, boost your exports and increase your geographical diversification.
We did not chose those events randomly. With our experts in the field and our partners, we scan the globe to provide you with an agenda of commercial actions worthy of your export projects.

17/02/20 17/02/20

Development Banks: Business opportunities

Organization: & AWEX

Offer your services tor the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and many other multilateral development banks!

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19/02/20 19/02/20

Workshop: calls for tenders from Global Organisations

Full - Registrations are closed!

Take part in our writing workshop, and learn how to respond to calls for tenders from Global Organisations such as the World Bank, accurately and professionally.

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Invitation : the Auberge Espagnole launches its fifth season


Vier jonge starters grijpen hun kans om hun business-idee de volgende maanden in de etalage te zetten.

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24/02/20 27/02/20

[CANCELLED] Mobile World Congress 2020

Full - Registrations are closed! Organization:, AWEX & FIT

We regret to announce that GSMA, organizer of the Mobile World Congress and 4YFN, took the decision last night to cancel the 2020 editions of these 2 trade shows, due to the coronavirus threat.

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