Agenda 10 years of greenlab: Grande Finale 2021
10 years of greenlab: Grande Finale 2021

10 years of greenlab: Grande Finale 2021

Since January, 27 Brussels entrepreneurs with a passion for sustainability have been working to realize their dream: to launch a sustainable business. They are doing this by participating in greenlab, the business accelerator for start-ups that want to excel in entrepreneurship with respect for people and society. Where do they stand today in realizing their entrepreneurial dream? Come and discover our candidates’ groundbreaking ideas during greenlab’s Grande Finale on June 10 at Gare Maritime!

For six months, these candidates followed an intensive program packed with workshops, individual coaching and teamwork. During the 2021 greenlab Grande Finale you will extensively get to know the candidates who are focusing on interesting projects such as tiny houses, electric mobility, natural cosmetics, reuse of building materials, biodegradable packaging, etc. 

During this festive tenth edition, we would like to welcome you again in person on June 10 from 9 am at the site of Tour et Taxis. Reserve your place for the event (free)


  • 9am – 11.30 am: Pitching sessions of the candidates
  • 11:30am – 12:30 pm: Jury deliberation and debate with the candidates
  • 12:30 – 1:00 pm: Award ceremony and press conference in the presence of Evelyne Huytebroeck (Chairman of the Board of Directors of & Isabelle Grippa (CEO of

Laureate candidates of the 2021 greenlab awards

14 projects have been developed thanks to the programme:

  1. Chukwa: Creates tasty, healthy organic drinks made from recycled cocoa husk for minimal waste.  
  2. Sensibel: Develops a range of cosmetics from an organic resource – coffee! Coffee and grounds used for minimal waste. (A scrub is also in development.)  
  3. Decarbone: Converts petrol/diesel vehicles into electric ones to reduce emissions and avoid the production of a new vehicle. A win-win for the climate and your wallet! 
  4. Build.again!: Creator of the constructive idea of reusing building materials…so that yesterday’s materials build tomorrow’s world!
  5. My Tiny Garden: Delivers ready-made vertical vegetable gardens tailored to the city dweller that’s easily installed on a balcony, terrace or mini garden.
  6. Scobee: Works with micro-organisms to transform Belgian beer production waste into biodegradable packaging for decreased plastic pollution and paper production. Santé!
  7. PuriFungi: Working on a “digest-butts” mushroom that treats cigarette butts to transform them into new material.  
  8. Click & Save It: An app that bundles and resells local, unsold non-food items for avoiding waste. 
  9. PyroLoop: Creates compost or biochar from human and dog excrement for improving soil quality and mitigating climate change by reducing Co2 emissions. It also reduces – or rather recycles – waste!  
  10. Oddpaper: Revalorizes waste paper scraps from the graphics industry by transforming it into cool notebooks and notepads. Noted!  
  11. Ureekap: Processes urine into natural fertilizer for local agriculture – thus minimizing the use of synthetic fertilizers. This also reduces cost of wastewater treatment and your water bill!  
  12. A social and ecological cooperative using two draft horses, for a more environmentally-friendly management of parks. Also used for hiring out a horse-drawn carriage, workshops, etc. A project with a lot of horsepower.  
  13. Landcoss: Builds modular, sturdy and comfortable sofas and armchairs based on discarded gym mats. This also means ultra-high resistance to wear and tear!   
  14. Tiny Evolution: Creates modular tiny houses for intergenerational families, from grandchildren to grandparents. Everything – and everyone – under one roof!

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