Blog MedTech Accelerator: Call for candidates 2020
MedTech Accelerator®: Call for candidates 2020

MedTech Accelerator®: Call for candidates 2020

Do you have an innovative project or startup that could revolutionise the medical technology industry? Take it to the next level in 4 months by integrating our medical accelerator!

In 2016, our cluster , made up of experts and industrialists from the sector, set up MedTech Accelerator®, the first acceleration programme specifically dedicated to entrepreneurs developing medical equipment, whether connected or not.

Boosting medical technologies in Brussels

The accelerator aims at boosting medical entrepreneurship in Brussels and stimulates the development of medical equipment while capitalising on the expertise, infrastructure or sectorial ecosystems available on the national territory. It is financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund

Whether your innovative healthcare idea consists of a software, hardware, service or a combination, our 4-month programme (14 full days) will tackle significant challenges of the MedTech sector. Top experts in the field will guide you through key topics such as:

  • business modelling,
  • prototyping,
  • regulatory requirements,
  • clinical trials,
  • finance,
  • IP
  • and many more.

All the answers to your questions about’ medical accelerator.

What is MedTech?

According to MedTech Europe, medical technologies (MedTech) are products, services or solutions used to save and improve people’s lives. It covers disposables, capital equipment and surgical procedure innovations, through to implant technology, biomaterials and connected health IT.

Who can join the MedTech Accelerator®?

Any enthusiastic entrepreneur, established in Brussels, who is willing to take their MedTech project/startup to the next level with the help of dedicated mentors and experts.

What are the prerequisites for participating in the MedTech Accelerator®?

You can apply to the MedTech Accelerator® if:

  • Your solution is a medical device or is expected to become a medical device as per EU Regulation 2017/745;
  • You do have a first lab proof of concept;
  • Your market assumptions have been verified with your potential customers/partners;
  • Your startup or your project is established/willing to establish in Brussels;
  • Your startup is about to be created or is less than 3 years old.

Please note that:

  • 20 projects/startups will be selected to join the MedTech Accelerator® 2020.
  • Only projects/startups fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be analyzed by the selection committee in January.
  • Certificates of attendance will be delivered to projects/startups having attended at least 80% of the programme and the 2 pitch nights.

What are the benefits of joining our medical accelerator?

In addition to being affordable, the programme provides participants with many benefits:

  • Practical workshops on business aspects;
  • Talks and Q&A with subject-matter experts;
  • Personalised coaching to tackle your challenges and reach your objectives in a timely fashion;
  • Access to the Belgian MedTech ecosystem;
  • Visibility for your project in Belgium and abroad.

A prize will be awarded during the closing pitch night ceremony to the project/startup having progressed the most during the acceleration program.

How much does the MedTech Accelerator® programme cost?

A single registration fee of 1,500€ per project/startup is requested from the participant, regardless of the number of people in the project/startup. A refundable guarantee of 500€ per project/startup must be paid in addition, to make sure the participant attends the coaching sessions.

The guarantee will be refunded at the end of the programme if the lead person of the project/startup attends at least 80% of the sessions. 

How does theMedTech Accelerator® work?

As a MedTech Accelerator® candidate, you will be granted access to personalized coaching, collective workshops and sales, funding, strategy, prototype and pitch sessions.

Here is the MedTech Accelerator Calendar for 2020:

Oct. 8, 2019Applications open
Jan. 8, 2020Applications deadline
Jan. 16-17Eligibility check by the selection committee
Jan 22-23Presentation to the selection committee
Jan. 27Announcement of selected startups/projects to participants
Feb. 11-12Kickoff Medtech Accelerator (sessions 1 & 2)
Feb. 11MedTech Accelerator Dinner
Mar. 4-5Acceleration programme (sessions 3 & 4)
Mar. 18Acceleration programme (session 5)
Apr. 1-2Acceleration programme (sessions 6 & 7)
Apr. 28-29Acceleration programme (sessions 8 & 9)
May 13-14Acceleration programme (sessions 10 & 11)
Jun. 2-3Acceleration programme (sessions 12 & 13)
Jun. 18Closing pitch night ceremony (session 14)


What makes MedTech Accelerator® so unique?

The programme was built by the sector and for the sector, which makes it very effective and successful.

Do you want to get on board the MedTech Accelerator® adventure?

These start-ups bloomed thanks to the MedTech Accelerator®

CEO at Lys Medical - MedTech Accelerator 2016

Benjamin Mertens

CEO at Lys Medical - MedTech Accelerator 2016

MedTech Accelerator was a wonderful opportunity four medtech spin-off project. On the one hand we had the opportunity to meet the Belgian MedTech experts and on the other hand, it taught me to get out of the lab.

StellaScreen - MedTech Accelerator 2018

Adil El Taghdouini

StellaScreen - MedTech Accelerator 2018

The MedTech Accelerator has been a great learning journey. Through finance and entrepreneurial courses, innovation, workshops and personal coaching sessions, I gained a tremendous amount of actionable knowledge and quickly grew my professional network.

Co-Founder at Spentys - MedTech Accelerator 2017

Louis-Philippe Broze

Co-Founder at Spentys - MedTech Accelerator 2017

We had a great idea and a lot of motivation, but no clue about what it would take to bring it to market. The MedTech accelerator answered all of our questions.

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