> L’Auberge Espagnole

A pop-up commercial incubator.

L’Auberge Espagnole is:
  • a pop-up store of 65m²
  • situated in the European District
  • an attractive monthly rent of €350
  • expert advice
  • personalised coaching

The call for applications is closed.

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A pop-up commercial incubator.

L’Auberge Espagnole

The commercial incubator in 7 steps

Do you have a business concept related to European products? Do you dream of starting a new business? The bright wooden shelves of the Auberge Espagnole are waiting for you!

Discover in 7 steps a life-size business experience, which will allow you to reach your customers at a reduced risk.

1. I have an idea for an innovative business in Brussels. How do I make it a reality?

Auberge Espagnole is a business incubator designed by to help prospective entrepreneurs take the leap from concept to realisation of their project.

2. I prepare my application form and send it to

Here is the application form to introduce your project, your team, your motivations and your plan.

3. An experienced coach will prepare me for the presentation of my project to the jury.

Through professional coaching, you will learn how to defend your idea by using professional coaching methods.

4. I defend my application before a panel of business experts.

Presenting your idea and discussing it with a jury will allow you to measure the degree of maturity of your project. Is your project ready? The adventure continues! You’re not there yet? Follow the jury’s advice and come back during the next call for applications.

5. I get coaching to prepare for my Auberge Espagnole experience.

You will benefit from personalised advice in various fields, such as advertising, marketing and retail design, then put this knowhow into practice when launching your business.

6. It’s time to open my pop-up business!

You will then receive the keys to the Auberge Espagnole and test out life as a business owner for 2 to 3 months. You will benefit from an attractive rent of €350/month, modular shop fittings and ongoing coaching.

7. I now have the confidence to launch my business.

Has the Auberge Espagnole incubator experience been convincing and left you wanting to open up shop permanently?

The team can help you define the right districts.

These companies tested their project at L’Auberge Espagnole

WeCo Store

Mélanie Maudoux & Lucie Duchesne

WeCo Store

This incubator helped us to be more confident , to develop our project further and to make adjustments. To find out more about our customers and their needs. But most of all to understand how a shop works , thanks in particular to the coaching  and support we received from


Nasima Amin


Thanks to L'Auberge Espagnole, I realised that the presentation of my products was very important. Moreover, I was able to create real visibility for my brand. I loved the modular furniture, affordable rent, quality lighting  and specialised coaching provided by!

Le Food Korner

Lisa Kajita & Samuel Urbain

Le Food Korner

 The fact that we could try out our ideas in practice allowed us to develop our project. We also discovered the importance of retail design during one of the superb coaching sessions offered by A very beneficial experience, ideal for small businesses like ours!

The call for applications is closed.

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Want to take part in the Auberge Espagnole adventure?

Follow the steps below to complete and submit your form. Please note that only completed applications will be taken into consideration!

1. Interested? Contact us by email to obtain the documents necessary for your application.

2. Have you completed your application?

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