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33 businesses hatch every single day in Brussels.

This is Belgium’s highest birth rate! Brussels’ open and international economic activity is one of the best-performing in Europe.

Our capital is home to a quarter of the foreign businesses that join the Belgian market. Both a safe haven and a fertile soil for creativity, growth, and innovation, Brussels has business in its blood, helps initiatives blossom, and cradles all kinds of talents.

Every day, the people of Brussels, regardless from their background, age or culture, become the heroes of their own entrepreneurial adventures. And most of them excel! They deserve support that matches their talent.



Support subsidies? Brussels has plenty! But it’s not always easy for entrepreneurs to know where to start and then which direction to follow...

This is why was created.

Born of the union of Atrium, Brussels Invest & Export, and Impulse Brussels, the Agency now offers the combined expert skills of three key institutions of the economic landscape.

Impulse Brussels’ 360° vision and multisectorial approach now benefit from the local anchor and local business expertise of Atrium, and from the international experience and ubiquity of Brussels Invest & Export. covers all aspects of entrepreneurship. Today, it offers a more intuitive, tailor-made, and complete support than ever before...

Within a single point of contact.




has the ambition to turn Brussels into the most attractive ground for your business creation and development.,

offers customised support, free tools, and recognised expertise in boosting your autonomy, facilitating your decision-making, expanding your knowledge, and widening your network. It helps you gain trust and reach excellency. It pushes you to strive in Brussels... and beyond.

is above all the sum of over 300 dedicated, thorough and passionate collaborators bound by the promise of supporting, encouraging, and propelling you and your audacious businesses towards success...