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Your technologies for sustainable growth in the DRC

Archive 25.03.2019

Do you operate in the industry and environment sector? Do business in the DRC! With the participation of CBL-ACP and AWEX, we are inviting a delegation of Congolese buyers to Brussels and Wallonia, from 3 to 7 June, to inform you about business opportunities in this sector.

What Belgian technologies are there for sustainable industrial growth in the DRC? This question has been posed to our Congolese guests. And to you too, if you are active in the mining, timber, agri-industry or the energy sector.
The DRC relies more than ever on international partners to move towards a more sustainable economy.

Be part of the challenge of sustainability in the DRC

Take advantage of two days of B2B meetings on 3-4 June in Brussels and on 5-6 June in Wallonia. Visits, debates and conferences will be organised for you to fully understand the country’s background, its opportunities as well as the expectations of the Congolese delegation.
Now is the time to show your expertise, to explore and gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the Congolese economy in its post-election period.
Register by 30 April 2019!

Practical information

The sectors that you work in:
– Mines and quarries;
– Forest conservation, agro-forestry and timber industry;
– Oil and gas;
– Agri-industry;
– Pharmaceutical and personal care products industry;
– Energy, water and sanitation (waste processing);
– Tourism and nature conservation

Programme (Monday)

3 June (Métropole Hôtel Bruxelles)

09:30-12:30: Presentation of current business opportunities in the industrial sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

13:30-17:00: B2Bs

18:30: Free Cocktail

The complete program will be sent to you later


Nog vragen? Neem contact op met Carole en Jérôme!

Carole Moné
Area Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa
Tel : +32 494.57.62.79
Mail :

Jérôme Roux
Economic and Commercial advisor in Kinshasa
Tel : +243 81.50 48.271
Mail :

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