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Your intellectual property on the chinese market

Archive 18.01.2019

Are you drawing up a strategy for exporting to China? In collaboration with the IPR SME Helpdesk in China and the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, we’ll be at 112 Chaussée de Charleroi on 29 January to help you develop this strategy, while safeguarding your intellectual property!

In recent years, China has made significant efforts to optimise its intellectual property legislation. However, for many European companies, these laws remain their number one concern when entering the Chinese market.

You can never be too careful: in the Chinese market or anywhere else, your export strategy must take this factor into account. What are your rights in terms of intellectual property? What do they entail? How can you protect them?

Benefit from our expert advice

Several experts, as well as our Commercial and Economic Attaché, straight from Shanghai, will share their knowledge and experience of this major challenge. To take part, register by 26 January!

Please note, the seminar will be conducted in English.


14:45: Registration
15:00: Welcome address – H.E. Mr.Marc Vinck, Belgian ambassador to China
15:10: Welcome address – Bernard Dewit, President of the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC)
15:15: Introduction – Jim Stoopman, intellectual property manager at China IPR Helpdesk
15:20: Strengthening your brand in China – Opportunities in the digital era – Mattias Debroyer, Economic and Commercial Attaché to Shanghai, China (
15:40: Coffee break
15:50: Intellectual property rights in China: how to protect your competitive advantage in the Chinese market – Valentin de le Court, partner at Daldewolf
16:35: Questions and answers, led by our master of ceremonies Olivier Costa, Economic and Commercial Attaché to the European Institutions at
16:45-17:30 Networking

Any questions? Contact Victor, Olivier or Mattias!

Victor Dulait
Area Manager Export for Asia and the Far East
Tel : +32 2/800.40.11
Mail :

Olivier Costa
Economic and Commercial Attaché to the European Institutions
Tel : +32 2/233.03.56
Mail :

Mattias Debroyer
Economic and Commercial Attaché to Shanghai
Tel : +86/
Mail :

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