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What are the “keys” to growth in China?

Archive 25.04.2019

You dream of doing business in China. But how can you access this rapidly-growing market? With special guest Bo Gao, Managing Director of BD Asia Consulting, we will shed light on some of the cultural peculiarities of this country on 9 May, from 10:00 to midday, at 110, Chaussée de Charleroi in Saint-Gilles.

For Brussels-based companies, doing business in China is no more difficult than in the West, but requires a different approach. On the ground, they must face the challenges of cultural difference and understand the Chinese view of business.

From respect for traditions, to relationships, communication codes, etiquette and business strategies- what are the best practices and rules when negotiating?

Take advantage of the proven expertise of Bo Gao

Who better than the Managing Director of BD Asia Consulting to shed light on the unique nature of the Chinese market?

Having worked with major companies in China, France and South-East Asia, Bo Gao has led cross-border negotiations involving contracts worth several hundred million euros. Today, she is the Managing Director of BD Asia, an institution that assists European SMEs to expand their activities in the Asian markets.

Sign up using this form by 6 May. Please note that registration is free but compulsory. The seminar will be conducted in English.

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