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Republic of the Congo: A land of opportunities

Event 20.05.2019

Are you looking for economic opportunities in a booming market? We invite you, along withWalloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency (AWEX) and Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), to an exclusive multisector mission to Pointe Noire, Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, from 6 to 12 October 2019.

To find out more before setting off, come along to our offices on 7 June and take part in a seminar that will provide more information on this market!

Despite low levels of economic development to date, the Republic of the Congo has very large mining resources. Anxious to bring about an economic recovery, the country is counting on a quick and sustainable growth period. Its economic landscape is changing as we speak!

The ROC has shown a willingness to diversify away from its primary industries into other sectors that show a promising future. This multi-sector Belgian mission to Congo-Brazzaville is the first for a number of years. The aim is to introduce you to the economic advantages of this country by showing you its most attractive industries: petrol, mines, quarries and wood.

A good starting point would be to come to our seminar that will provide more information about this market!

This fact-finding mission could be an important move for your business, leading to a profitable and sustainable cooperation. You can take advantage of opportunities to make unique contacts within the Congolese government thanks to tailor-made support, and also profit from the experience of other Belgian entrepreneurs who have already set up in the country.

To prepare yourselves and have all your questions answered, don’t miss our information session on Friday 7 June from 01:00 PM. Also in attendance will be the Ambassador of the Republic of the Congo and our Economic and Commercial attaché.

To sign up to the pre-mission seminar on 7 June, click the following link before the 4 June.
To take part in the Congo-Brazzaville economic and trade mission, sign up before 20 August 2019.

Promising sectors

The sectors chosen for this mission:
– The extractive industry (petrol, mines and quarries) and wood;

– Agriculture, fishing and farming;

– The environment;

– Energy and water;

– Health;

– Transport infrastructures (roads, rail, waterways, sea and inland ports, air transport and multimodal transport);

– New information and communication technologies (NICT).

Schedule for the informational seminar on 7 June from 01:00 PM to 06:00 PM

12:30 PM: Registration/Welcome coffee
01:00 PM A welcome from Carole Moné, Area Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa
The Republic of the Congo’s major economic challenges by Léon Raphaël Mokoko, the Republic of the Congo ambassador to the Benelux Union and the European Union.
Invest in Congo-Brazzaville: a presentation of trade opportunities by Sylvestre Didier Mavouenzéla, President of the Pointe Noire Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Trade.
Overview of risk factors by Mireille Janssens Credendo Business Development Specialist
Activities of the Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for ACPCBL-ACP in Central Africa by Guy Bultynck
Details on the Republic of the Congo economic mission by Jérôme Roux, Economic and Trade attaché
– Testimonials from businesses
– Questions and responses – networking
04:00 PM to 06:00 PM B2B meeting with the economic and trade attaché

Provisional mission programme

Sunday 6 October
08:53 AM Leave from Gare du Midi travelling to Charles de Gaulle airport
10:55 AM Leave Paris, flight AF 830
05:45 PM Arrival in Pointe Noire
07:30 PM Arrival and Check-in at Elaïs Hotel after the briefing

Monday 7 October
Morning: Official opening session of the economic mission: Introductory seminar on the environment and business opportunities
Afternoon: B2B in Pointe Noire, group tours, sector-specific seminars and possible networking activities

Tuesday 8 October
Morning: Tours
Afternoon: B2B in Pointe Noire, group tours, sector-specific seminars and possible networking activities

Wednesday 9 October
Morning : Tours – Seminar- B2B
03:30 PM Leave for Pointe Noire Agostinho-Neto airport
06:00 PM Trans Air Congo 205 PNR-BZV flight
06:55 PM Arrival at Maya-Maya BZV international airport
08:00 PM Arrival at Radisson Blu M’Bamou Palace Hotel Brazzaville

Thursday 10 October
Morning Economic mission opening ceremony followed by individual meetings at the Radisson Blu M’Bamou Palace Hotel
12:00 PM Lunch offered
Afternoon : Follow-up of bilateral talks between Brussels and Congolese companies
07:00 PM Gala evening offered by the regions

Friday 11 October
Morning : Tours
Afternoon: B2B in Brazzaville, group tours, sector-specific seminars and possible networking activities

Saturday 12 October
Morning: B2B in Brazzaville, group tours, sector-specific seminars and possible networking activities
Evening: Return to Brussels


€100 for SMEs
€300 for large enterprises (more than 250 employees)


A Visa in an essential requirement to enter the Republic of the Congo. Additional information will be provided later. Passport valid for 6 months after the visa expiry date.

Flights and hotels

We don’t take group bookings. Each company must book its own flight and hotel. Please note the transfer from Pointe Noire to Brazzaville.

Depart from Brussels: 6 October 2019 at 07:17 AM, TGV AF7194 from Brussels Midi to Paris Charles de Gaulle
Flight AF 830, Air France, Paris to Pointe Noire
Depart from Brussels: 6 October 2019 at 10:55 AM
Arrival at Pointe Noire: 6 October 2019 at 05:45 PM

Trans Air Congo 205 flight
Depart from Pointe Noire: 9 October 2019 at 06:00 PM
Arrival at Brazzaville: 9 October 2019 at 06:55 PM

Air France flight
Depart from Brazzaville: 12 October 2019 at 09:15 PM
Arrival in Paris: 13 October 2019 at 06:10 AM
Arrival in Brussels 13 October 09:44 AM


Elaïs Hotel Pointe Noire
From 06/10 (check-in) to 09/10/2019 (check out)
Standard room +-150 EUR

Radisson Blu M’Bamou Palace Hotel, Brazzaville
From 09/10 (check-in) to 12-12/10/2019 (check-out)
Standard room +- 150 EUR

Useful information

Each company will send a description of its profile, stating its objectives and the added value before 1st August 2019.
Please do not hesitate to consult the help given by Brussels Economy and Employment

Any questions? Contact Carole!

Carole Moné
Area Manager Sub-Sahara-Afrika
Tel.: +32 2 800 40 29
e-mail :

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