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New grants to boost your business!

News 05.12.2018

Whether micro, small or medium-sized, your business is based in Brussels and as from 1st December, you have the chance to request a grant from Bruxelles Économie et Emploi [Brussels Economy and Employment]: one for the replacement of an old light commercial vehicle and the other for an investment.

LEZ grant for cleaner driving

Brussels is becoming an LEZ (Low Emission Zone) and is now banning any vehicles that pollute the environment too much. Go green and request the LEZ grant to replace your old light commercial vehicles.
Call now on 02/800.34.41.

Grant for boosting your investments

Do you need to carry out some work, would you like to buy a trademark, purchase a building or a plot of land, or even resume trading? See your development opportunities get off the ground by using an investment grant.
Call now on 02/800.34.29.

And that’s only the beginning …

You should be aware that these two bonuses are just a foretaste of what’s happening in 2019. Next year will see a new set of grants becoming available, which are aimed at developing your activity within the Brussels-Capital region.
Keep up-to-date with what’s happening at Bruxelles Économie et Emploi at and at the email address

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