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A Business Planning Kit

News 28.09.2018

Whether you are a project initiator or a new or experienced entrepreneur, creating a business plan – particularly a financial plan – is no simple endeavour. This is why the Region has created “”: hosted on the 1819 regional information service portal, this tool works as a questionnaire to guide you step by step in the creation of your business plan.

Are you planning to create a business in the Brussels-Capital Region? If so, there’s no need to have a dual Master’s degree in management or accounting.

Just visit and carefully answer the questions that are asked there to create an outstanding business plan and financial plan, step by step.

Your balance sheet and financial statements, cash flow forecasts, amortisation schedules – everything is generated automatically by the site! All that’s left is to download the results, in Word format for the descriptive part of the project and in Excel format for the financial plan.

Both are formatted to meet the needs of most investors and funding entities, whether public or private.

Let’s get started!

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