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Small business ownership is a journey… Come along with us!

News 05.12.2018

Since the close of the 2018 Summer holiday season, the Brussels Region has begun offering different “business pass” packages that propose custom-tailored services to new and established Brussels businesses via its 1819 regional information service. Ready to embark on a journey with us?

As a key measure of the Small Business Act, mybusinesspass offers simple, preferential access to a series of public and private support and assistance measures in Brussels that are suited every stage of your business journey…

A Pass for Each Step of the Journey

mybusinesspass works to achieve the following goals:
● Simplifying and clarifying the existing support offering for target audiences
● Focusing the offering more on the life cycle of businesses
● Filling target-audience needs that are not met by the existing support offering
As the product of a public-private partnership, the content of each pass covers all of the major challenges faced by entrepreneurs, offering you information, tools, advice, networking, testing, and acceleration programmes. In doing so, it brings together active support, funding, localization, jobs, and training partners – to name just a few.
The pass you’re looking for isn’t available? Still have questions?

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