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Let the flavours of Belgium be savoured in Lebanon

Event 21.03.2019


Did you know that Belgian products have an excellent reputation in Lebanon? If you produce beer or fine food products, you are strongly encouraged to share your delicacies and delights on our group stand at the Beirut International Beer Event taking place in Beirut from 4 to 6 July.

Lebanon is the third biggest consumer of alcohol in the region, and new brands of beer and fine food are very popular there, so it is no surprise that Belgium will be the guest of honour at the Beirut International Beer Event.
During this festival, which will bring together Lebanon and neighbouring countries, you will have the opportunity to network with potential importers and/or distributors as well as professionals in the retail and catering sectors in Lebanon through the various B2B meetings which will be arranged.

Take advantage of our strategic position as the guest of honour

Because of our honorary status, our stand measuring 36 m² will be located right in the heart of the event and will bring together Belgian brewers, Lebanese importers of Belgian beer and fine foods from our country’s cuisine. Over the two days, tastings with the general public and presentations with professionals (including potential distributors) will be organised.
By joining us there, you will benefit from a very favourable position from which to introduce your beers and/or food products or to strengthen your presence.
Register directly with our Area Manager:

Practical information

– This event is organised by local company, Art-Monit.
– The main partners are the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Industry and the Governor of Beirut.
– The festival will take place in Beirut Hippodrome.

Would you like to exhibit your products at the festival but unable to get there?
– Our office in Beirut will take care of receiving your goods in Lebanon. In this case, please could you confirm your interest in taking part by 24 April.

– A carrier in Belgium will centralise the goods to be transported to Lebanon by grouped diplomatic shipment which will be exempt from local customs duties.
Please note: Shipment fees are payable and the deadline for sending your goods is set for 10 May (so that they arrive in good time for the event in Beirut).

The history of beer in Lebanon: a buoyant market

Since the creation of the first Lebanese beer 80 years ago, the local beer market has been dominated by one single local brand, Almaza, bought out by Heineken in 2002. However, recent years have seen the emergence of a movement focused on imported or craft beer, rekindling an appreciation for taste and quality.
As a result, the beer market in Lebanon is currently booming. Firstly, imported beer has a large market share because Lebanese consumers are increasingly inspired by the popularity of foreign beer and influenced by the international revival of microbreweries. Secondly, new Lebanese manufacturers are entering this niche in force with the creation of craft breweries. Between 2006 and 2016, the consumption of beer in Lebanon increased by 134%, while imports of foreign beer leapt by 153% in the same period. In Beirut, the number of bars serving imported craft beer has also risen and specialist bars are increasing in number to tempt a sophisticated, enthusiastic and passionate audience.

Any questions? Contact Ghislain!

Ghislain Breydel
Area Manager Maghreb & Middle East
Tel: 02. 800.40.84

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