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hub.awards: Dare to apply!

Event 16.04.2019

Entrepreneurs who swim against the tide. Who think outside the box. Who push back the limits. Who think one step ahead: the hub.awards recognise Brussels SMEs who dare. Up for grabs, six prizes worth €10,000, to be awarded on 20 June at a ceremony in the prestigious Henry Le Bœuf venue at the Bozar centre for fine arts… Do you dare to apply?


Every day, 33 businesses break onto the Brussels scene. Our agency supports them at every stage of their lives, from their first steps until they take flight. So it came to matter to our teams to highlight the know-how of Brussels’ entrepreneurs, with a prestige event.

“Recognition for businesses that have a positive social impact”

The hub.awards are six prizes – Start, Grow, Invest, Export (goods and services) and the Public’s Prize – giving all Brussels SMEs an opportunity to enter, on the sole condition that they embody the values of tomorrow’s entrepreneurship in Brussels: innovation, inspiration, boldness and, of course, participation in the Brussels dynamic and its development.

By innovation, we mean anything that can impact society positively, whether environmentally, socially or technologically”, explains our CEO Isabelle Grippa. “Businesses need to break the mould to improve on the status quo. We would define SMEs as bold if they are setting out an alternative vision, concept or position, and do not hesitate to take risks.

As for the inspirational aspect, it’s about image and influence projected outwards by companies seen as a point of reference in their sector. So what is the hub.awards raison d’être? To support promising projects and business models while paying very particular attention to the sustainable and/or ethical aspects of the activity.

The Brussels roots of the companies translate into their contribution to the socio-economic development of the Region, as well as to strengthening Brussels’ image and influence in local, national and international markets.

Prizes worth €10,000… and the rest!

A jury of men and women at the forefront of business, from the public and private sector, will decide between the candidates. By entering the hub.awards, all companies will be equally eligible for the Public’s Prize, with votes cast between 28 May and 10 June. The winners and runners-up will receive a package including consultancy, media exposure and training, as well as, for the winners, a prize worth €10,000 in each category, according to the needs of the business.

Are you a young company under 3 years old (Start)? Over 3 years old (Grow)? You’ve come from elsewhere and have been established in Brussels for less than 5 years (Invest)? You export your goods or services all over the world (Export)?

Apply to enter by 22 May

Brussels companies prove their boldness by giving voice to the hub.awards campaign

About seventy Brussels entrepreneurs answered the call of and played a giant karaoke game to shoot the inaugural video of this campaign. And the least we can say is that Brussels companies dare. Friendliness, audacity and laughter are the order of the day. Join them on June 20 in Bozar for the announcement of the results!

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