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Fashion: Shine without leaving your studio!

Event 26.02.2019


Are you a Brussels fashion designer? Participate in our next wandering showroom! From June 4 to 7, together with MAD, we are taking about twenty or so Belgian and international buyers directly to your store/studio!

We are fashion, Ethno Tendance, Brussels Fashion Days,… Brussels is a hub of creative influences and our neighbours know it! Buyers who are interested in innovative brands by designers, departments stores, multi-brand stores and even purchasing companies set up abroad are constantly on quest for new talent in Brussels.

Twenty or so potential buyers for your creations

We are hosting 15 to 20 buyers from large international brands and, out of these, a commercial consultant will select those who are specifically interested in you!

We will take care of coordinating your meeting schedule, preparing you for these future happenings and guaranteeing your visibility via various communication supports.

And if you do not have a sufficiently large space available for the meeting, we will put together a a showroom will be set up at the MAD to showcase your creations.

Interested? Apply via the MAD website before 19 March!

Selected companies must:

– have a corporate structure;
– have a registered office in the Region of Brussels-Capital;
– have existed for at least 1 year;
– have the financial, human and operational capacity for exportation;
– be in Paris during October 2019 Fashion Week;
– have at least 3 collections including one that is completed and ready to present in Paris;
– present a S/S 2020 silhouette;
– have an exportation strategy, including a clear vision of their target markets and population;
– have promotional material;
– own/have owned sales points abroad (including via e-commerce).

And as a bonus…

– you already have a relationship with us;
– if you’re a starter, you are supported by MAD through coaching;
– you have an exportation strategy or plan for the coming 3 to 5 years;
– you have 3 years’ proven experience in international trade relations.

Any questions? Contact Anaïs!

Anaïs Lambert
Mail :
Tel : +32 475/37/26/80


Photo: ©mikomikostudio

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