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DMEA: Develop your key contacts at a digital healthcare trade fair

Archive 11.02.2019

Are you an entrepreneur in the digital healthcare sector? Then you’ll be no stranger to the ConhIT trade fair, recently renamed DMEA! Join us at our stand in Berlin, from 10 to 11 April, to share your projects and feed your curiosity.

In 10 years, DMEA has become Europe’s biggest trade fair in the digital healthcare sector. Backed by German industry leaders, it responds to the demands of a rapidly growing sector. It provides a unique platform for innovation and communication between manufacturers and users, and the academic and political spheres.

Add a new string to your bow

Join us on this trip and benefit from numerous advantages, including a two day event pass, access to the brokerage event organised by the European Entreprise Network (EEN), and even a programme of tailored meetings, both with German companies and medical institutions operating in the digital healthcare sector, and with Belgian businesses, through our networking sessions.

Register by 19 March!

The main topics of the event are as follows:

-Software for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and care homes
-IT solutions for doctors’ surgeries, laboratories and radiography
-IT equipment and infrastructure
-Communication solutions
-Filing and documentation systems
-IT consultancy
-Medical technologies
-Quality control and knowledge management
-Teaching and research

Practical information

Attendance with a stand:
• 100 euros for SMEs
• 300 euros for large businesses
You should also allow for specific fees covering the production and delivery of your promotional and exhibition materials, and specific additional equipment, in addition to travel and accommodation costs (budget for approx €150 per night in Berlin).

Make sure to check out the financial incentives available to exporters !

Any question ? Contact Thomas, Christophe and Frédéric !

Thomas Dupan
Area Manager Europe
Tel : +32 2.800.40.09

Christophe Coopens
Tel : +32 2.800.00.56
Mail :

Frédéric Suche
Tel : +32 2.422.00.47
Mail :

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