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Success Story 17.12.2018

Revolving internship and frothy beer!

From May to July 2018, the Brussels Beer Project welcomed Laurent as part of his internship in export training organised by Initially taken on for two months, the brewery were so impressed by their apprentice that he is still working there today.

Five years ago, Sébastien Morvan and Olivier de Brauwere launched the Brussels Beer Project with the aim of involving the general public by inviting them into the craft breweries to choose their favourite beers, which would then be produced on a large scale. Having spent some time fermenting, the project has now matured and the concept brewed by the two founders has now come to fruition with the opening of a creative brewery accessible to everyone.
After charming fans of barley beers with Babylone and Delta in Brussels, Paris and Tokyo, Olivier and Sebastian said to each other that they would need a sidekick to lend them a hand in Belgium and in the twenty or so countries to which they would export.

So they needed to find someone experienced

Just by chance, the brewery in Dansaert was the location coveted by Laurent Kochaniak for his internship! At the beginning of 2018, as complete occupational retraining, he suggested to the Brussels Beer Project that he should put his logistics skills into practice for two months as part of his training with
Having already reaped the benefits of our experts in the past, the two founders decided to put Laurent to work in admin, but Olivier was clear from the start: this internship would not lead to a job.

Kenkō and Cheers!

Yet, today, it appears that 188 rue Dansaert has a new interloper. At the end of his internship, the two founders of the Brussels Beer Project were not ready to have a farewell drink with their apprentice. Laurent continues to follow up all of the orders between Belgium, France and Japan, allowing people to get a taste of the “all stars” and “pop-ups” in Brussels brewed by his mentors. The farewell drink has fallen by the wayside, it’s now everyone’s round!

“I was totally surprised by this training formula that allows us to have an intern actually in Brussels. Laurent has been and still is such an enormous help on the ground.”

Olivier de Brauwere, CEO of Brussels Beer Project

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